2007-2017 years

Events 2007-2010

Nov 23, 2010. The ISOC Community Grants Programme Committee has selected UITEr’s project:  Starting Up the Armenian Internet Exchange” for funding.

May 2010. RIPE. AMNIC (ITC) got an AS number from RIPE.

June 30, 2009. Yerevan, Armenia. AM zone Improper Content Response Group was established in Armenia. If a content violating AM zone policy  (https://www.amnic.net/policy/en/) is found in AM zone a mail can be sent to this working group. The letter will be considered and proper measures taken.

July 2008. ICANN, USA. The ISOC AM became a member of ccNSO of ICANN.

November 12-14, 2007. Yerevan, Armenia. ISOC AM hosted the NATO/ISOC Workshop “Armenian National Research and Education Networks: Achievements, Problems and Solutions”.

May 2007. Internet Society, USA. ISOC AM became a Chapter of ISOC.

April 2007. ICANN, USA. ISOC AM exchanged accountability framework letters with ICANN.

Events 2011

December 7, 2011..  ISOC AM co-sponsored the ArmNet 2011 conference. Armnetawards: The best Armenian websites.

Nov 17, 2011. The ISOC Community Grants Programme Committee has selected FSL’s project: “Establishing a Content Creation Centre in the Fundamental Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia”for funding. ISOC AM is co-financing the project.

Nov 9, 2011. ISOC AM President, Igor Mkrtumyan, Vice-Presidents, Vladimir Sahakyan and Grigori Saghyan as well as ISOC AM members, Narine Khachatryan and Arman Atoyan participated in the INET Bucharest.

October 14-16, 2011, Yerevan, ArmeniaISOC AM co-sponsored the 1st Armenian International Congress on Telemedicine and eHealth “ARMTELEMED: Road to the Future.

July 6, 2011. IPv6 day in Armenia

May 12, 2011. The ISOC Community Grants Programme Committee has selected ASNET-AM’s project: “Upgrade of Armenia Academic (Research) Network to IPv6 Readiness” for funding. ISOC AM is co-financing the project

Events 2012 year

December 14, 2012, Dubai, UAE:ISOC AM Vice-president, Grigori Saghyan, took part in the WCIT conference. Signatories of the Final Acts:

December 8, 2012.ISOC AM co-sponsored the  ArmNet 2012 conference. Armnetawards: The best Armenian websites.

October 14-18, 2012. ISOC AM Vice-President, Grigori Saghyan, participated in ICANN 45 meeting in Toronto

Sep 24-28, 2012. ISOC AM Vice-President, Albert Toneyan, and Board member, AMNIC manager, Hrant Dadivanyan participated in the RIPE 65 meeting in Amsterdam.

September 20, 2012. ISOC AM launched a web space security monitoring web site www.websec.am:

September 11-13, 2012.ISOC AM Board member, Anna Karakhanyan participated in the Fifth International conference for ccTLD registries and registrars of CIS, Central and Eastern Europe in Budva, Montenegro. Anna Karakhanyan made a  presentation on Administraton of AM domain.:

August 25-26, 2012. ISOC AM member, Arman Atoyan, participated in the Campus Party Europe in Berlin – Germany’s largest technology festival. Campus Party is the biggest electronic entertainment event in the world. It’s a weeklong, 24-hours-a-day technology festival for thousands of “campuseros” – hackers, developers, gamers and geeks. Equipped with computers and other toys, they camp on-site and immerse themselves in a truly unique environment.

August 2012. Workshop “ISOC position on ACTA, SOPA and PIPA”

July 2012. Presentation of Jovan Kurbalija’s book “Internet Governance” published in Armenian

July 6, 2012. IPv6 day in Armenia. ISOC Armenia and ASNET-AM organized an IPv6 day in Armenia. A. Petrosyan made a presentation on the upgrade of Armenia academic and research network to IPv6 readiness. I.Mkrtumyan made a  presentationon the state of IPv6 in Armenia and the problems to be solved.


June 15, 2012.< The ISOC AM organized a round table at the Digitec Business Forum-to discuss the issue of past/present and Future of Freenet.am.

June 7, 2012. The ISOC Community Grants Programme Committee has selected ISOC AM Chapter’s project: “Creation of Internet Availability Center at the Cultural Center of the Armenian Society of Blind and Visually Impaired People” for funding.

April 22-24, 2012 ISOC AM member Karen Gasparyan took part in the Global INET 2012 conference.

January 2012. ICANN, USA. ISOC AM became a member of ALAC of ICANN.