Building a new Internet channel will unlock new opportunities for Armenia.

Among the potential prospects for Armenia’s telecommunications development is the building of a new Internet route from Europe over the Black Sea. The state is making efforts to ensure the success of this initiative in an effort to overcome negative public political processes. At the Armenian Internet Management Forum (ArmIGF2023), Robert Khachatryan, Minister of High-Tech Industry, stated.

Representatives from various stakeholder groups came together for the 8th Armenia Internet Governance Forum, which was organized by the NGOs “Internet Society” and “Internet Society Armenian chapter” in collaboration with the RA Ministry of High-Tech Industry.

The discussion’s main points included challenges and opportunities for digital Armenia in the present and the future. The minister pointed out that while there is still work to be done in terms of the organization of production cycles, the consistently replenished high-quality professional resource serves as the foundation for investments in the sector.

The minister remarked, “We try to figure out where we fit on the microchip production map.”
While noting that they prioritize quality, none of the officials in attendance at the forum—including NA Vice-President Hakob Arshakyan—expressed satisfaction with the speed of Armenia’s digitization process.

The “YES am” application will be introduced and the process of electronic person identification will be finished by the following year, providing a more secure foundation for digitization systems.

There are many prominent organizations in the field represented in Armenia, and they have a keen interest in our nation’s professional workforce. We still have a lot of work to do here, as evidenced by the thousands of new positions that are opening up.

“We aim to make the limitless educational opportunities of the Internet accessible to everyone by bringing broadband Internet to all settlements and remote marzes. “Our reserve exists in the regions,” declared Igor Mkrtumyan, the board chair of the “Internet Society” NGO.