History of ISOC Armenia Chapter

The history of ISOC Armenia Chapter started in 2007 when the Armenian Internet Registry (Internet Society NGO) applied to the global ISOC for becoming a Chapter and was recognized as an ISOC Armenia Chapter. Since then it was a division of the Internet Society NGO. Sharing the mission and vision of the global ISOC, the Armenian Chapter started implementing projects boosting the Internet development in Armenia.

In 2007 a grant of ISOC/NATO helped to organize a seminar “Armenian National Research and Education Networks: Achievements, Problems and Solutions” which highlighted the problems of research and education networks of Armenia and drafted a plan for their solution.

The ISOC Armenia Chapter is one of the founders of the Armenian Internet Exchange (ARMIX) fund, the goal of which is to create a national center for exchanging Internet traffic to facilitate the exchange of information between the Armenian service providers, reduce the burden on international communication channels and ensure the survivability of the Armenian Internet segment. The ISOC Armenia Chapter also helped the National Academy of Sciences to upgrade the network to the IPv6 requirements and digitize publications of the National library.

During these years the ISOC Armenia Chapter:

Carried out the following projects financed by the global ISOC:

  • Computers and Services for rural libraries
  • Internet Availability Center for Blind and Visually Impaired People
  • Creating an Internet radio for the Armenian Society of Blinds (The last project was awarded the prize of the World Telecommunication Organization).

Took part in:

  • 25th anniversary of Internet Society as a celebration node
  • Chapterthon 2017
  • Chapterthon 2018
  • Organization of the 2015, 2016, 2017 National IGFs
  • 2013 INET Armenia Conference

Provided a managerial help to the following projects of the global ISOC:

  • Establishing a Content Creation Center in the Fundamental Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia
  • Upgrading of the Armenian Academic (Research) Network to IPv6 Readiness
  • Starting Up the Armenian Internet Exchange


  • The 1st Armenian International Congress on Telemedicine and eHealth “ARMTELEMED: Road to the Future”
  • ArmNet conferences. ArmNetAwards: The best Armenian websites.

In 2017 as the global Internet Society tightened requirements to its chapters it became necessary to stand out the Armenian chapter into a separate public organization, which happened in May 2018.