The Internet Society has announced Chapters Training Program 2020, for which the Armenia Chapter selected the coordinator and participants. The Chapter Board Chair Lianna Galstyan was assigned as the Training Program Coordinator and 5 Chapter members were selected to be trainees for the following courses:

  • Shaping the Internet – Katarina Gevorgyan, Syuzan Marukhyan
  • Encryption – Katarina Gevorgyan
  • Securing Global Routing – Valeri Stepanyan
  • Open Standards Everywhere – Igor Mkrtumyan
  • Building Community Networks – Ashot Nalbandyan

Initiatives done by participants

  • Securing Global Routing (MANRS)
  • Open Standards Everywhere
    • Igor Mkrtumyan – in the result of the training was able to increase the compliance of the website from 32 to 55%. It was done by setting the IPv6 addressing at the ISP. The security of the website was increased by setting the secure SSL purchased from a proven provider. DNSSEC was not setup yet because of ISP problems.
      HTTP/2 is not working yet because the Apache installed at the hosting company is older that version 2.4.26, required for HTTP/2. However it was planned to upgrade it soon.
    • A report on “Open Standards Everywhere” is planned on “Regithon” – a meeting of ISOC Chapter members and network operators on June 11, 2020.
  • Encryption
    • Katarina Gevorgyan translated a presentation on the topic of Encryption.