January 2017

January 31, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia.ISOC AM published a  report  on a work done within a program “Computers and services for rural areas”.

January 26, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia.ISOC Armenia has launched a  survey on Internet Users’ Online Security aiming to find out the level of online safety and security awareness of Internet users in Armenia.

January 26, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia. AMNIC participated in theStat Survey 2017 and Launch and use of IDNs (2017)CENTR surveys.

January 19, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia.The famous mediaexpert Samvel Martirosyan made a  presentationon protection from virtual attacks for ISOC AM members.

January 18, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia.There was a session of a working team on the policy of domain registrations in .AM and .ՀԱՅ domains. It was decided that Grigori Saghyan should prepare the proposals on the new edition of policy taking into consideration the ICANN policy.

January 17, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia. ISOC AM council meeting took place. The agenda included proposals of a board member Gevorg Poghosyan on the improvement of the ISOC AM operations.
The following board members were present: Arman Nersisyan, Aram Mkhitaryan, Aram Verdyan, Tovmas Mazejian, Avetik Yessayan, Tigran Zargaryan, Grogori Saghyan, Lianna Galstyan, Gevorg Poghosyan, Igor Mkrtumyan, Misak Khachatryan, Armen Muradyan, Karen Yerznkanyan, Albert Toneyan, Murad Muradyan, Kolya Hovhannisyan, Hrant Dadivanyan, Anna Karakhanyan, Vahan Hovsepyan. There were 3 proxies: Siranush Vardanyan transferred her voice to Lianna Galstyan, Haykaz Baghyan – to Igor Mkrtumyan, Levon Ghazaryan – to Aram Verdyan. The Council decided to create a working team on the proposals and come up with a conclusion in a week.

January 13, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia.There was a presentation of Karen Yerznkanyan, President of Community Development Innovation Center NGO, entitled “SmartCity: Idea, Concept and Implementations“ for ISOC AM members.

January 12, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia. There was ISOC AM administrative meeting where the plans for 2017 were discussed.

January 6, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia.radio-menq.am web site created an archive, where all broadcasts of the Internet radio for visually impaired people are stored. Those broadcasts can be listened on the http://radio-menq.am/ir/archive.html.