March 2017

March 31, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia. On-line Board meeting with Zoom videoconferencing system took place with the agenda of admitting new Registrars.The voting didn’t take place because of the absence of the quorum.

March 30, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia. A group of children from an Ashtarak school with their instructor, ISOC AM member Narine Mesropyan, visited ISOC AM office and presented mobile applications developed by them.

March 28, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia.The 2nd meeting of the “Registrar monitoring” WG took place. Members of the WG presented the experience of several registries underlining their usability for the Armenian Registry. It was decided to summarize them and make ready as a final proposal to the Board of ISOC AM.

March 27, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia. The Armenian IDN .հայ advancement WG had its first meeting. It was agreed to work on 3 separate directions: outreach, motivation and technical challenges. For the first month of work the WG will hold its meetings on a weekly basis. Currently, there are 11 ISOC AM members involved in this group.

March 23, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia.AMNIC participated in CENTR’s “Legal and Regulatory Survey 2017“.

March 20, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia.A meeting of the “First year domain registration price” WG took place.

March 20, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia.A meeting of the “Registrar accreditation and monitoring” working group took place. The members were asked to prepare their presentations on existing accreditation policies most suited to Armenia.

March 16, 2017. Yerevan, ArmeniaAni Mkrtchyan and Igor Mkrtumyan took part in the “Youth & the Internet” on-line Community Forum.

March 11-16, 2017. Copenhagen, Denmark.ISOC AM Board members Armen Muradyan, Grigori Saghyan, Lianna Galstyan, Siranush Vardanyan and Vahan Hovsepyan took part in the ICANN58 meeting.

March 13, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia. AMNIC took part in CENTR’s “Anycast deployment” survey.

March 10, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia.  ISOC AM hosted the ARMIX general meeting. Chair of the Board Albert Toneyan and Director of ARMIX Vahan Hovsepyan made a presentation on ARMIX activity in 2016. It was decided to enlarge the Board by including all companies connected to ARMIX.

March 9, 2017. New article on Internet radio for people with visual impairments created with the help of ISOC Armenia was published in the Internet Society blog. Beyond the Net program of the Internet Society  published a video “Radio MENQ – The Internet station for the blind of Armenia” on Youtube.

March 3, 2017. Yerevan, Armenia. There was an Armenia Chapter Board Meeting. The agenda included the admission of new members and Registrars, discussion of a new bylaw clauses as a follow up of a new law on NGOs. It was decided to create “Registrar accreditation and monitoring” and “.հայ domain advancement and marketing” working groups.