The multi-stakeholder approach of Internet governance is supported by Armenia. Aleksey Sandikov

Soon, under the leadership of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, a Science and Technology Development Council will be formed to precisely evaluate Armenia’s digital issues and difficulties and offer prompt and efficient answers.

“World-class scientists, experts, and entrepreneurs will be involved in the council,” NA Vice President Hakob Arshakyan stated and confirmed at the 8th Armenian Internet Governance Forum (ArmIGF 2023). The experience of utilizing it for state growth will be carefully investigated, and prompt solutions will be suggested.

Armenia continues to support the current multi-stakeholder, unified model of Internet management processes and will discuss it at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS+20) the following year, where the fundamentals of Internet governance will be revised. Aleksei Sandikov, deputy of the National Assembly and a member of the RA Internet Governance council  interdepartmental committee, stated at ArmIGF 2023.

The Internet Governance Council of the Republic of Armenia (IGC) is a Multistakeholder council consisted of representatives from the Government, Private sector, Academia, Media and NGOs and as a successful model of multi-stakeholder Internet governance According to Sandikov, this concept can also be used regionally.

According to him, this will speed up the resolution of the issue of Internet connectivity in all settlements across the globe, which has become more urgent in light of the epidemic, as well as in Artsakh and Ukraine wars, now already in Gaza.