A voice assistant «Anahit» will help blind people in their environment

The “Internet of Things” course participants worked hard to create a new voice assistant that is available in Armenian and has an Armenian name.

It was long before “Anahit” was even an idea. The setting and chance to do so were the “Internet of Things” course. The device was finished in three months with the help of the course participants, as stated by trainer and programmer Yervand Galoyan.

“Anahit” can readily interpret and follow directions in a variety of Armenian dialects, including turning on and off lights and other electrical devices. An experimental example of it, which is now carrying out limited functions, was shown in the Internet Society Armenia chapter NGO’s office. The potential of “Anahit” will be increased in the near future.

Our “Anahit,” which will serve as their assistant at the House of Culture for the Blind’s Smart room, will be installed as per the “Internet of Things” course’s plans. As a result, students will also learn how to utilize smartphones, according to Yervand Galoyan.

In collaboration with the “Internet Society Armenia chapter” and “Smart City” NGOs, UNICEF carried out the two-month “Internet of Things” course for children aged 14 to 18. More than 80 participants were introduced to the possibilities of building Smart devices, connecting to cloud servers, setting them, and managing them through the Internet by combining theoretical and practical methods. Both Yerevan and the marzes of Kotayk, Lori, Syunik, and Shirak hosted the course.