What is the Encryption course?

This course is an introduction to encryption, and is intended to serve both as an overview and as a level set and foundation. Encryption is a key element in protecting us and our information as we go about our daily lives and as we interact with others online. It ensures our information and our communications remain confidential, protected, and available only to those for whom we intend.

What are the course objectives?

  • Describe encryption concepts at a high level, and the benefits encryption offers to us individually and as a society.
  • Understand and explain why it is important, and the ways in which we rely upon strong encryption in our daily lives.
  • Understand and explain the ways in which efforts to weaken encryption pose a serious threat.
  • Understand and explain various “backdoor access” proposals and why they are problematic.
  • Understand and explain the Internet Society’s goals and activities related to supporting strong encryption and defending against threats to it.
  • Understand what actions you can take to advocate for strong encryption in your community and beyond.

ISOC Armenia Chapter members Anahit Yeritsyan, Igor Mkrtumyan and Katarina Gevorgyan took the Fundamentals 2021 Encryption course. 

Initiatives carried out

  • Katarina Gevorgyan took a 4-week course “Encryption course of Learning @ Internet Society”. Here is her Certificate of Completion.
  • Igor Mkrtumyan as an initiative chose to “Join the Global Encryption Coalition as a chapter and recruit 5 local organizations”. Those local organizations joined to the Global Encryption  Coalition are:
    1. ISOC Armenia Chapter
    2. Armenia Internet Registry (ISOC AM NGO)
    3. Internet Technologies Center LLC
    4. IT consulting office
    5. 64plus Sports Veterans NGO
    6. GlobalR LLC