Infrastructure and Community Development

Infrastructure and Community Development

Without trust and collaboration between those who build and maintain the Internet, everyone’s Internet is weakened. 

Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) are critical to strengthening local infrastructure. IXPs are a physical location where different networks meet to exchange local traffic via an Ethernet switch. This helps keep internet traffic local, and makes the Internet faster and cheaper. 

Local technical communities are a pillar for Internet development.

ISOC Armenia Chapter members Ani Sahakyan, Igor Mkrtumyan, Kristina Hakobyan and Mary Zakaryan took the Fundamentals 2021 Infrastructure and Community Development course. 

 Initiatives carried out

Three participants of this course, Ani Sahakyan, Igor Mkrtumyan and Kristina Hakobyan chose as an initiative to “Join a local Network Operation Group and conduct a networking event with the Network Operation Group and another technical community group”.

Two of the participants, Igor Mkrtumyan and Kristina Hakobyan joined their efforts to organize a local hub for the ENOG18 hybrid event. 

As a member of the organizational committee of ENOG18, Igor Mkrtumyan took part in the setting up of the Yerevan Remote Broadcast Hub organized jointly with the “Union of Operators of Armenia” NGO.

Kristina Hakobyan took part in the ENOG18 event advertising and attracting participants as well as development of the HUB’s local agenda. She also organized a face-to-face meeting within the Remote Broadcast Hub, during which participants followed ENOG18 online and had the opportunity to discuss on the spot the development of the Internet in the region, creating a common specialized approach to improving Internet stability.

The Yerevan Remote Broadcast Hub recorded an excellent participation in terms of the ratio of the number of registered and attended participants. 

Ani Sahakyan joined a local Network Operation Group to organize a series of events in June which have been conducted in cooperation with the Internet Society NGO and Union of operators of Armenia. She was responsible for involving people from the technical community in those series of events and organized the registration process of all the participants.