Open Standards for Web Servers

Open Standards for Web Servers

Making Web Servers Faster and More Secure 

Open Standards Everywhere work has been focused on web servers. Many web server administrators might want to support the latest open standards and protocols, but they don’t know how, and don’t necessarily have the time to figure it out. Website administrators may not be aware of the latest open standards, or may not know these standards could help improve security, speed and availability.

ISOC Armenia Chapter members Qnar Misakyan and Vahan Misakyan took the Fundamentals 2021 Open Standards for Web Servers course.

Initiatives carried out

Both participants of this course, Qnar Misakyan and Vahan Misakyan, chose as an initiative to “Advocate for the importance of open standards and securing web servers” and worked together.

They planned to research the technological level  of major Armenian web servers, find their  weak points and advocate for the removal of their limitations by organizing webinars explaining how to improve the existing drawbacks.

As the first step of the research they created the list of the most important Armenian web servers, first of all those of ISPs, registrars and Internet operators. They used the knowledge received during the ISOC Fundamentals program. The results are shown below.

Correspondence of Armenian Registrar websites to the modern Internet Open Standards

Website test is performed by answering the question: Is your Internet up to date?

  •   Is it Reachable via modern address?
  •   Is the Domain name signed?
  •   Is the connection Secure?
  •   Are application security options set?


Name Test score, % 97 97 95 94 68 68 68 68 65 60


The activity will be continued until all major web servers are tested. The further results will be published on Chapter’s website.

The revealed problems will be reported to the web server owners. Consultations will be provided to corresponding system administrators and IT managers. Our goal is to achieve a 95% test score of all major Armenian web servers.