The concept driving Armenia’s ongoing advancement is digitization – Vahan Hovsepyan

“The Internet opens up countless opportunities for a nation with few export routes. In our nation, this possibility is still not fully realized. At the 8th Armenian Internet governance forum, Vahan Hovsepyan, vice-chair of the board of the “Internet Society” NGO, stated that digitization is the future of Armenia’s steady development.

The government’s five-year plan serves as the framework for the process of putting Armenia on the path of the digital economy, with the digital strategy defining the particular steps involved.

Minister of High-Tech Industry Robert Khachatryan told the forum attendees that “guidelines and standards for the creation of public, digital infrastructures have been developed, which each new service must comply with for the creation of a modern digital environment, based on the study of international experience.” In the process of digitizing, state structures—including the National Assembly—prioritize quality over timeliness in order to create a more unified, secure, and accessible identity environment, according to NA Vice President Hakob Arshakyan.

According to its director, Nerses Yeritsyan, the “Armenia Information Systems Agency” foundation has taken over the task of solving these issues. They intend to launch the “I Am” application, which will make using online services easier, and finish the process of electronic identification of individuals by the end of the year.